Customs duty in Zimbabwe is calculated on the basis of the Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) value of the imported goods up to the point of entry into Zimbabwe by ZIMRA. Insurance and Freight inside Zimbabwe is excluded from the Value for Duty Purposes (VDP). The CIF value of the imported goods is an aggregate of the cost of goods, insurance, freight, and any other charges incurred outside Zimbabwe.

Note: both Customs Duty and Surtax are calculated on the Value for Duty Purposes or VDPVAT is calculated on the total of VDP plus the calculated Customs Duty payable.

VAT is then calculated on the total of VDP plus the calculated Customs duty Payable to give a value known as Value for Tax Purposes.

Submission documents and Clearance of Goods

  • A Bill of Entry (Form 21) is lodged through the ASYCUDA World (Automated System for Customs Data) system. This is an internet-based system where clearing agents and registered companies submit their clearance documents electronically. All the supporting documents should be scanned and submitted as attachments online (in ASYCUDA) together with the bill of entry.
  • Payments of duty are done by way of bank deposits into the ZIMRA account. The deposited amount will be credited to Cooper and Jone’s account with ZIMRA.
  • When documents are processed, assessed, and if correct a Delivery Release Order will be issued. This will authorize the collection of goods from the carrier or detention. If there is a need to inspect the goods, an Examination Order is issued. Once issued, an inspection is carried out to verify¬†the¬†quantities, classification, origin, values, or any aspect that needs clarification.
  • After an assessment, two sets of documents in hard copies must be submitted for the final release of the goods.

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